Jah Prayzah, Patience Namadingo shows clash in Lilongwe


Zimbabwean star Jay Prayzah and Patience Namadingo’s shows took place on one night in Lilongwe on Saturday.
The two shows, to some extent, divided fans on the night, according to some fans, although the turnout in both shows was impressive.
Jay Prayzah jetted into the country on Friday, before his performance at Civo Stadium on Saturday, and was expected to have his last show at Blantyre Sports Club yesterday.
While Jah Prayzah was performing at Civo Stadium, Patience Namadingo was performing at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC), a few metres from Civo.
The Jay Prayzah concert, organised by Agulugufe Two Thousand, also had a line-up of local acts which included Black Missionaries.
At BICC, Namadıngo went it all alone, starting off with Patience the comedian and then Namadingo the musician.
Namadingo said yesterday that, despite having the Jah Prayzah concert at Civo, he was not affected and that he has got his own audience.
“The audience was impressive and I would like to thank all those who came to support me. I am happy that I managed to give them an early Christmas treat,” Namadingo said.
He said he started on time and that the concert went all the way to midnight.
“I had a one hour set for comedy and then music took over. As I said earlier, 2017 has been very exciting for me; the support I have got is massive and I promise to do more in 2018. Let me also take this opportunity to wish people a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year,” he said.
Emmanuel Maliro, who is one of the partners for the organisation of the Jah Prayzah gigs, said, despite having other events on Saturday night, the turnout was massive.
“We had a ma s s ive attendance and it was a good show although performances started late,” Maliro said.
He also bemoaned the late show up of people during shows in Lilongwe.
“I think people need to change this mentality of coming late to shows. Artists don’t feel good performing in an empty place and, so, we had to wait until 8pm for the audience,” he said.
Maliro said Jah Prayzah came on stage around 10pm and that he performed until 1am.
“It started raining at some point but this did not disrupt the show,” he said.

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