Japan honours former Kamuzu Central Hospital chief surgeon


The Japanese Foreign Ministry has recognised the role surgeon, Dr Arturo Muyco, played in the health sector.

Muyco, who moved to Malawi from Philippines in 1984, received the 2016 Japanese Foreign Minister’s Commendation in Lilongwe on Tuesday.

He worked with the Ministry of Health as Chief Surgeon of Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) from 1995 to 2013, and later as Chief Surgical Specialist.


Muyco also helped in training and supporting young surgical doctors in Malawi. He also worked as a medical consultant for Japan International Cooperation Agency (Jica) Malawi, where he assisted the health and well-being of many Japanese nationals for 24 years.

Ambassador of Japan to Malawi Shuichiro Nishioka congratulated Muyco for his spirit and continued service to Malawi and Japan.

“Through his passion, commitment and dedication to his calling, many lives of Japanese, Malawians and other nationals were served and their health improved. There is not a single foreign resident in Malawi who does not know Dr. Muyco. I heard from Jica staff and volunteers that they still visit him at his house. We would, therefore like to congratulate you, Dr. Muyco for your spirit of continued service and work for Malawi and Japan,” the ambassador said.


Minister of Health Peter Kumpalume hailed the contribution Muyco made to Malawi.

“The health sector needs a lot of expertise, needs a lot dedication. What I have about Dr. Muyco from KCH, from the Ministry of Health headquarters is quite commendable. It is great that this award goes to an individual of such immense talent,” Kumpalume said.

In his remarks, Muyco said he was happy for being recognised.

“I’m grateful for this award. I share the honour with all those I have worked with. I thank the Malawi [Government minister], I thank the Minister of Health for gracing this occasion,” he said.

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