‘Jealousy killing our music’


By Sam Banda Jnr:

CALLING FOR UNITY—Takudziwani (left), Paul Kalumbi and Paul (right)

A member of Wailing Brothers Takudziwani Chokani, has called on fellow musicians in the country to love each other and work in unity to grow the music industry.

The lead guitarist, who used to perform with Black Missionaries before reviving Wailing Brothers with his brother Paul, said he is at pains to explain the current state of music in the country as there is jealousy.


“I have come a long way in music. When we were starting, things were moving in the right direction but now there is too much jealousy, where we are pulling each other down and we celebrate when others are not doing well instead of pushing them on,” Takudziwani said.

He observed that countries such as Nigeria have made headway because musicians love and support each other.

“Malawi music will only grow when there is unity. Nigeria is where it is today because artists support each other,” he said.


Takudziwani said artists should realise that the industry needs to develop.

“We need to change so that up and coming musicians out there should benefit and also see a future,” he said.

Wailing Brothers has been out of the limelight for some time but came out with shows last weekend.

Before last weekend’s gigs, the reggae group also performed at Likoma Festival.

“Musicians are in the forefront of not wishing each other well and we celebrate this. As Wailing Brothers, we want this to go,” he said.

Takudziwani who last weekend patronised Black Missionaries show at Ozone Freshment Centre in Machinjiri, Blantyre, as part of support to their brothers—revealed that they will be working with different artists such as Atoti Manje, Frank Kaunda and Charles Sinetre.

“Our aim is to grow talent and uplift each other. We are geared to work with different artists so that the industry grows,” he said.

Takudziwani said Wailing Brothers has led a foundation now and that they are looking to offer more.

“We will be performing in Balaka this month-end and next month we will have shows in the Northern Region,” he said.

Wailing Brothers launched their album Unfinished Project two years ago.

“Now we are working on a new album. We have worked on singles and wanted to drop them this year but we have given a chance to others for now. We need to give each other space and there is need for sanity to prevail on the market,” the dreadlocked guitarist, said.

Paul, a drummer also said they were looking forward to working with different artists.

“For now, we cannot say much but the mission is on we keep moving and we are happy that the foundation has been laid,” he said.

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