Joe Gwaladi respite


With Richard Chirombo:

Gwaladi ndi Gwaladi [there is no one like Gwaladi]!

This is what Joe Gwaladi likes to say; of course, in his songs.


That is why, when the world is taking one direction, Gwaladi takes the opposite one. Just that, instead of playing the role of a lone figure, he has a way of diverting the attention of those heading in the other direction.

Gwaladi has a genius for winning, whatever game it is. He has his own way of sneaking his interests into the affairs of other people, making them part of the Gwaladi gravity.

Well, if ever we wanted an example of Gwaladi sneaking his interests into the affairs of men and women, we just have to think about the Flames’— I am talking of the junior Flames— loss to the young Chipolopolo at Kamuzu Stadium on Wednesday.


When all hopes were on them— especially after the floods disturbance of the past two weeks— that they would ‘deliver’ the package of smiles to a nation in shock, they did what they know best: losing at home.

It was one pile of misery on top of another pile. How sad.

Anyway, if Malawians were looking for a saviour, they found one in Gwaladi, who strutted his stuff in Limbe minutes after the junior Flames lost it at Kamuzu Stadium.

Gwaladi, with loud speakers, took Limbe by storm, blasting music from tailor-made loudspeakers.

Gwaladi, at that free ‘show’, started with ‘Tumbocid’ and other songs, and people danced as if Zambia had not inflicted a painful blow on us.

Ah, did I say Gwaladi even talked of the junior Flames’ loss, saying:

“Musamade nkhawa ndi kugwa kwa matimu a pulasitiki. Akupanga ma alawansi amene aja. Inunso pangani zanu [do not stress when national teams lose a match. The players are not doing charity work; they get paid for doing it]!”

“Musandiyang’ane choncho [do not look at me like that]!”

Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!H a!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!

But this is not what made me know that Gwaladi ndi Gwaladi. Far from it.

What did it, for me, is what he did next. He took memory cards from a colourless [Ha !Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!H a!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!] leather luggage, blandished them and said: “Tiguletu apa! Ma memory card a nyimbo kale. Tikasangalale ku nyumba. Asiyeni ma Flames akhale ma Flames [Sale! Sale! Memory cards loaded with music. Let us make merry at home and let the Flames sleep on a bed of their miseries]!”

I was like; I thought this was a “free show”.

Gwaladi ndi Gwaladi!

Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!H a!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!

Anyway, Gwaladi made our day on a day the junior Flames meant to spoil things.

Not that I bought a memory card. Who? Not me. I pulled a fast one on Gwaladi. I enjoyed free music.

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