Joking at joker’s expense


Even when he was selling mobile phones, Mr Jokes looked celebratory, forgetting that entrepreneurship is serious business.

Not that I do not know that a smile is a precious thing in business. A smile can melt the bones of a reluctant customer, making them buy something they would, rather, not buy.

And, as experience has it, the customer becomes more willing to buy than in cases where the seller is not Mr Jokes.


What am I driving at? A friend of mine has a story that never departs from her mouth. It revolves around one experience she had with Mr Jokes away from the performance stage.

My friend, a good one at that, was busy eating in a restaurant opposite TNM offices in Blantyre when, from nowhere, Mr Jokes popped up at the eating place.

My friend must have thought: ‘Oh, so he eats here? How lucky I am to meet him here!’


Well, Mr Jokes does not eat when he has business transactions to make, unless, of course, the eating is part of the business.

As it were, eating was not part of the business here. Mr Jokes was here as a businessperson. A good one at that.

I was not there, but my friend tells me that Mr Jokes cast his eyes wide and, upon letting them land on my friend’s eyes, made the natural decision to let his legs follow the eyes. You know what I mean! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

With her heart palpitating, my friend did not know what would follow next. You never know, Mr Jokes can make a joke at one’s expense.

No, it was not a joke Mr Jokes was here to make. He was here for serious business.

He came forward, not with a joke, but a Sony phone he was selling at K45, 000. It looked new. It had a camera.

Well, my friend is a good negotiator. He forced Mr Jokes to sell her the phone at K28, 000!

And, guess what? Save for the battery, which could “drain faster than water in a sink”, my friend’s friends told her the phone was worth K150, 000 or more!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! [Respect to the 12 tribes of Israel].

Mr Jokes might have thought, on account of the battery’s plastic nature, that the phone was not as expensive as the battery had it. Or, worse still, that the phone was not worth more than K28, 000. Well, he sold a good phone for a song— which is like an individual— in this case, my friend— joked at the joker’s expense!

There is more to the condition of a battery than the price of a phone, Mr Jokes!

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