Journalist scripts political satire


Renowned Nation Publications Limited (NPL) journalist Suzgo Chitete has revived his acting talent by scripting a political satire titled Bwabwalala that will be premiered by Waz Arts at Golden Peacock in Lilongwe on Sunday.

Chitete, who in the past years was vibrant and active in theatre and used to star with the forgotten Wanna Do Ensemble fashioned by theatre darling the late Gertrude Webster Kamkwatira before he got busier with his journalism career, said yesterday that the political satire has been inspired by happenings on the political scene between 2019 to date.

“So, we thought of providing an artistic commentary of the issues with a view of helping the audience appreciate issues, especially on the governance front,” the playwright said.


The former member of Chikolopa Performing Arts said they were geared to deliver the best and that they have given this production serious treatment.

“We have been rehearsing extensively and we have also been inviting expert colleagues in different fields such as economics, law and human rights to critique the production,” Chitete, who is part of the cast, said.

He said this was not a one-off production but, rather, they were targeting to offer more and that, after the launch and tour, they were looking at staging another production before the end of the year.


Bwabwalala is a family saga centred on two brothers – pursuing common interests yet with selfish reasons. They have not been close before until an opportunity presents itself.

The chase for common interest also creates unity of purpose in a seemingly broken family. But, eventually, greed, individual lust for power and wealth gives birth to betrayal and hate.

The play is being directed by veteran actor Jeremiah Mwaungulu, who is also part of the cast.

The other members of the cast are Mary Chilongo, Dipo Katimba, Brenda Mselu, Rodgers Siula, Macdonald Sanga and Pleasant Theodore Banda.

“The intention is to do more productions. This is a collection of experienced actors with passion therefore; it should be easy to keep up the momentum,” Mwaungulu, who recently directed and featured in the late Frank Patani Mwase’s piece The Divorce, said.

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