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Just My Thoughts: A new year has come that we must live


It is interesting to note that every day that marks the end and the beginning of a set of 12 months creates spaces for celebration, for stock-taking at individual, household, office, company and even national level.

It is a space that creates a euphoria that brings about setting new standards, resolutions and living conditions.

Even in religious cycles, people as they end a set of 12 months and begin a new set of 12 months; are grotesquely under the intensity of prayers for thanks giving but also prayers for guidance from God for the uncertainties of the new set of 12 months.


Just My Thoughts starts this 2016 with this usual euphoria but with also a radical departure from the corroding error that accompanies this annual planning, reflection and celebrations.

We start with a simple question: when we celebrate the end of a set of 12 months period; what are we celebrating? What have we achieved worth celebrating?

What measurement of success or achievement do we use when celebrating? Or is it just the end of the 12 months in itself that is worth celebrating?


Do we compare ourselves with those that have not finished the 12 months set, describing ourselves against those, as the lucky ones, the favoured ones, the beloved ones?

I find our celebrations we make as a routine by most of us and they have no “real” material meaning. It’s like a tradition we found and we are sustaining i t without questioning its relevancy, significance and sometimes its wastefulness.

I must not be misunderstood to mean people must not celebrate. But it is the manner, the value and the preoccupation with wanton celebrations that appears dangerous to many that worries me. However, I am also not obsessed with worrying on other people’s behalf but I am like a little flint of light in the darkness!

It is important to have a set of 12 months known to all of us purely as man-made phenomena regardless of being irrefutably regarded as a cardinal point for planning and stock-taking by many.

As we are setting up new goals, standards, in doing some stock-taking are not bound by the 12 months set by others sometime ago. Our lives are never pre-determined by this popular set of 12 months. As such our sets of 12 months, or 6 months or 18 months have to be defined by us. Have to be made by us and the definition of benchmarks for such 12 months will have to be defined too by us.

If it’s material success, if it’s professional success, if it’s economic progress, if it’s academic success, if it’s family success and happiness; even if it’s spiritual growth or increase; all these must be made by us individuals or collectively at a household level and not at a crowd level.

The mass or crowd celebration of an end to a preceding set of 12 months and the anticipation of a new set of 12 months is largely a catastrophe of many other people as they end up losing their lives, their hard earned monies, get into immense poverty as they borrow to satisfy the frenzy festivities traditionally associated with the end and beginning of a New Year.

Whilst there are others who have done better, as each experience or rule has its exception; this entry contends that the majority of people, enter into the crowd of the “they” the “flock”, the “herd” with their individual responsibilities upside down or completely bitten to the rhythm of the crowd.

Yet each one of them in their singular hearts, they truly know their financial positions, their needs, their problems and their ways and means of surviving hard times after temporarily celebrating life of 12 months called a year.

Furthermore, with social media quickly making known the thoughts and ideas of friends; it is more of a New Year resolution this and resolution that.

Never mind who does the stock-taking or whether one who posted his/her resolutions comes back later and honestly confesses that: “My friends, I have failed to live up to my resolutions” rather life is made easier for people to see and admire and never face the gruesome side of failure, frustrations, disappointments and tears of sorrow and loneliness.

It is therefore critical to disassociate ourselves from the crowd of unknowns, of social media marketing for happiness, of a possibility of life a new when in reality, it is us without telling anybody that can make these changes and such changes must not wait for a set of 12 months called a year.

In each day, hour, minute or second, of course all these being sets of time as well, another life is possible. The difference with these sets of times is that they are never celebrated by the public and in frenzied manner.

In each day, hour, minute or second, a private time is accorded to each to be real and to do an honest stock-taking. It is not on social media, it is not on heavy drinking and partying, it is neither on gormandizing and alcohol imbibing just like it is not over night of prayers and days of fasting.

It is in your solitariness and in your special individual time that true planning, reflection and decisive benchmarks are made. Alas! These are Just My Thoughts for the next set of 12 months and Happy New Year.

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