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Kamuzu Road: Take care

It’s not by prior arrangement that the Crew finds itself at this place, where obviously believers in religion of Christian faith or Islamic faith would tell you flat-out that Satan walked slowly. Or, indeed, that the Devil had breakfast, lunch and dinner, before staying two nights hanging out here.

This place is Kamuzu Road, the red district of Salima; where prostitution and beer guzzling is fast out-pacing any other places around this country called Malawi. This is the place, where you find over thirty lodges and rest houses available, yet you can’t find a room available by 6pm.

Joe, being Joe, has actually suggested we find a permanent abode here as a Crew. When his his natural appetite [worth not describing here has taken him too far].

Chonchi tiana iti, tutani usiku uno, atilakwitsatu amenewa {why are these very young girls loitering around here, we will end up being locked up behind bars here],” he says.

True to his observation the young girls – worth being school girls – are in their plentiful. We wonder where the authorities are, where the ministry responsible for children is; otherwise this is not giving a good face to the country.

The drinking joints are more than churches in the entire district, but every joint is full for almost the whole. They don’t close, they don’t tune off their music. The old and the young mingle in their drinking and sinning quest.

Members of the Crew are in their best of moods. Everyone is busy doing what they like, drinking, snack eating, kutchatitsa and the rest.

“Why is this town not a city?” Asks ‘Atsogoleri’ Rob M.

“Ask the authorities, ask them why this cannot even be a municipality, let alone a town council. Ask them why it was relegated from a Town Council to a mere district council? This world can be unfair, I tell you,” says Luckson, who boasts of being very aware of the terrains of the town.

“Tsaano inu mwankhala nokhanokha onthu omuna bwaaa? Muluwona ome ifeyo ngati yaaa? Mufu tikakudyereni ku chipatala ku sento? {Why are you people just sitting there without the company of women, are we not women enough, and do you want us to eat at the hospital instead of you coaxing us and giving us a little something moneywise?]” says one of the young girls around, speaking in some version of Chichewa.

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