Karonga District Commissioner sent on forced leave


The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development has sent District Commissioner (DC) for Karonga Rosemary Moyo on forced leave effective Monday October 12. 2015.

According to an inside source, the Ministry’s decision is in response to the letter written by the Karonga Business Community (KBC) last Friday in which issues of Moyo’s security were highlighted should she continue occupying her office amidst opposition.

However, while confirming the development in a telephone interview on Sunday, Principal Secretary in the Ministry, Chris Kang’ombe, refuted reports that it was a forced leave.


“It is not true that the DC is being sent on forced leave. In view of media reports that the safety of the DC was being threatened and in the wake of continued closure of offices, it was suggested both to the Council Chairperson and the DC to consider going on short leave but can be recalled anytime when required,” explained Kang’ombe before referring this reporter to the Ministry’s spokesperson Mulhabase Mughogho.

Commenting on the issue, Mughogho said the decision was reached following a discussion between Moyo and government.

“It is not forced because it comes after the two parties discussed and reached an agreement. Looking at the state of affairs in the district, a resolution was made that she better stay out of work for at least two weeks before the Ministry makes its first move,” said Mughogho.


She further confirmed that Ministry officials will be heading to Karonga on October 21 this year to meet all concerned stakeholders on the matter.

When asked to comment on reports that the Ministry took long to act on the issue because of a court injunction Moyo obtained a year ago following her ‘demotion’, Mughogho said government follows procedures which are independent of court affairs.

“Government has own procedures that are followed before acting on any case and such procedures run parallel to any court orders. For instance, an independent investigative team has to be engaged and make recommendations on whether the calls of transferring the DC are justified or not before a final decision is reached,” Mughogho explained.

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