Kasi impresses with debut play


There was laughter, ululations, hand clapping and in appreciation of the immense talent on stage as Khumbolawo Arts and Sports Initiative (Kasi) staged their debut play The Painter’s Wife at Madsoc Theatre in Lilongwe on Friday night.

Kasi, which is a new kid in drama in English groups, announced their arrival with a bang on Friday and vowed to remain and deliver best productions.

Love, hate, greed, poverty, insatiable appetite for money and betrayal are some of the issues being tackled in The Painter’s Wife.


Despite the show starting at least an hour late, with most people being impatient, Kasi rewarded them with a classical performance.

Written by former Mzuzu University Lecturer Professor Mapopa Sanga and directed by Joe Khumbolawo Mkandawire, The Painter’s Wife is a romantic piece about a couple- Kingly who is a gifted painter and his wife Jannekke who works as a secretary and receives a meager salary which does not sustain them.

The wife quickly unleashes a plan that sees her sleeping with rich people to make ends meet.


In fact her husband Kingly tired of swimming in poverty approved of his wife’s escapades.

But as the drama unfolds, Jannekke falls in love with a business tycoon John Brown (JB), whose business thrives on selling human body parts.

Thus, when JB got a call from two clients looking for female and male body parts respectively, he did not think twice but to let Jannekke’s and Kingly’s treasures go.

However, Kingly’s houseboy, who alerted the police when he saw his boss being kidnapped, foiled the plan. JB’s personal assistant also betrayed his master by asking Jannekke to feign death.

Kasi Creative Director, Joe Mkandawire hailed people for their support.

“We are thankful to the people for the support. We are motivated and we promise to give them mature productions,” said Mkandawire.

Mkandawire also appealed for support from the corporate world to help Kasi achieve its mission.

Renowned writer and Story Club’s founder Shadreck Chikoti described the production as mature.

“I think the production was very good especially the flow and language. Everybody seemed to have mastered their roles and it was easy to follow the story from one point to another,” said Chikoti.

He also commended Kasi for coming up with the initiative and later called upon other artists to borrow a leaf from them.

Award winning actress Joyce Mhango Chavula said Kasi did well with their debut production.

“They have started very well. I have seen some creative works on stage tonight. This is a very good development and I see a bright future in them,” said Chavula, who triumphed in the 2016 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.

She also called upon theatre groups to come out of hibernation and bring out different productions and also tackle different issues affecting the country.

“We have been quite for some time and it’s good to learn that the audience we lost is slowly coming back. There is hope for drama in English,” said the actress.

Mwezi Arts Executive Director Stanley Mambo also congratulated Kasi for a job well done.

“On behalf of Madsoc Theatre, I salute them for taking a bold step to start this initiative. You see, with these economic hardships the country is sailing through, it is not easy to come up with such an initiative and, of course, to put up a production of such a big cast of eight,” said Mambo.

He also said that the group did well in combining visual arts and theatre.

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