Ken Msonda in punch up


People’s Party (PP) Publicity Secretary Ken Msonda and a truck driver, George Kanyenda, will be in court anytime soon on suspicion that they fought at a public place.

According to Blantyre Police spokesperson Elizabeth Divala, the two fought after a disagreement when Kanyenda wrongly parked his truck.

Divala said during the scuffle, Msonda is suspected to have injured the truck driver’s head and arm with a panga knife while the truck driver did the same using a bottle.


“It is alleged that the two fought because the truck driver had parked his vehicle on the road to Msonda’s house and went to a beer hall. And Msonda approached the truck driver where at first they are said to have reached a consensus for the driver to go and move his vehicle. But the truck driver delayed in doing so.

“When Msonda went to talk to him again, it is alleged that the truck driver poured some beer on Msonda. After that it is reported that Msonda went back to where he had parked his vehicle to take a panga knife which he used to hit the driver on the forehead and the arm. Thereafter, they both rushed to police,” Divala said.

She said when the truck driver arrived at the police station and saw Msonda, he took a bottle and hit Msonda’s arm which prompted the police to issue police reports to both fighters.


Divala said both Msonda and Kanyenda were summoned to appear before South Lunzu Police Station for statements recording on Tuesday but the truck driver did not go.

“The State has opened a case against both the truck driver and Mr Msonda for fighting at a public place. This is contrary to Section 84 of the penal code,” Divala said.

In an interview Wednesday, Msonda, who did not take responsibility for the driver’s injuries, said he is the one who reported the incident to South Lunzu Police Station.

“He blocked the way to my house and I reported the issue to police so they are handling the issue. If you want details about the issue, you can call and ask the police,” Msonda said.

The driver, whose head and arm were stitched at the time of the interview, said he did not know why he was beaten.

“I parked my vehicle somewhere at Luwanda [Machinjiri] and went to chat with my friend who had parked his vehicle around the same place. As we were chatting, I saw somebody in my vehicle, trying to drive it. Then I walked towards my vehicle and asked the person what he was doing but instead of answering, he started beating me using his shoe and then he disappeared from the scene.

“As I was busy telling people what had happened the man, who I did not know was Ken Msonda, reappeared with a panga and started hitting me with it and then he left the place. When I went to police to report the incident, I also found him there and he continued his attack on me and police officers rescued me from him,” Kanyenda said

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