Kendall Kamwendo introduces mobile hand washer


One of the ways being used to fight the spread of coronavirus is washing hands with soap while others are using handsaniters.

Of late players have also come out introducing innovative ways of washing hands.

Artist Kendall Kamwendo of the Symon and Kendall fame has introduced a mobile hand washer to avoid the spread of coronavirus.


Kendall, who apart from music, has also been involved in filmmaking, said Monday that he decided to be part of the fight against coronavirus by introducing a mobile hand washer.

“In the wake of coronavirus, hand washing is paramount to fight the spread of the virus. Most public places in the country such as markets, hospitals, offices, but depots and other areas do not have access to clean water for hand washing. This is why I thought of coming up with the mobile hand washer,” he said.

Kendall said the cost effective mobile hand washer comes in to fill such a gap by bringing water to where it is needed most.


“ This hand washer has a manually operated sprayer using a 16 litre capacity tank filled with chlorinated water and operated from a distance of one metre from the one washing hands. It can also be used as a sanister by spraying in and around buildings, minibuses,” he said.

Kendall also said the hand washer was capable of providing 80 to 130 hand washes depending on water pressure chosen.

“There are advantages with the hand washer in that there is no body contacts when washing hands hence no contamination of the virus and it also promotes social distance between the operator and the one washing hands. Materials for hand washer are locally found portable and user friendly,” he said.

He said the hand washer is mobile and that it can be used by almost everybody everywhere.

“It is actually a package of a 16 litre branded water tank, sprayer and optional one litre or five litre chlorine bottle. We actually have a capacity to supply even 2000 pieces and deliver in two days,” Kendall said.

Kendall and Symon have been missing on the musical landscape as regards live performances but they came out late last year releasing the album Nataliah.

“We are intact and more projects will come but for now we have to fight the spread of coronavirus. I am happy that there are artists, who have come out with different songs as regards bringing awareness and all I had to do at the moment is to bring out this hand washer,” he said.

Several artists have released Covid-19 songs and they include Joe Gwaladi and Piksy.

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