Keturah impresses in second show

SECOND OUTING—Keturah performs at HS Winehouse

Musician Keturah held her second show at HS Winehouse in Blantyre on Sunday where she once again won the hearts of the audience.

The show came barely a day after she performed at Jacaranda Cultural Centre (JCC) where she shared the stage with Agorosso and Neil Nayar.

The singer continued from where she stopped at JCC and dished out a number of songs including ‘Nambewe’, ‘Munditengereko’, ‘Nkhaloyane’ and ‘Akule’.


She, however, needs to improve on time as she came late, the second time in two days.

Nayar warmed up the stage perfectly dishing out a number of covers and he had people cheering him on when he played ‘Ambuye Ali Likiliki’, song by Lilongwe-based gospel group Chiyanjano Women’s Choir that has been trending.

Before Keturah jumped on stage, the audience were given a surprise performance from Marco Sadik who reminded people of his exploits offering his love song ‘Linda’.


There was also a moment of frenzy when Keturah’s manager Pemphero Mphande jumped on stage to give Keturah a hug after her performance.

Mphande has been trending on social media.

He, later, engaged the audience through selling of Keturah CDs attracting the buyers before taking photographs with her.

“I am thankful to people for the support. It’s been good,” Keturah said.

Nayar said people have to learn to support own artists without looking at the names.

“Artists here need our support, we need to support them by patronising their shows and also buying their music and in that way they will be motivated to produce quality music,” he said.

HS Winehouse publicist Emmanuel Maliro said they want to make sure that people patronize shows for all artists and not look at names.

“Look at what happened today, some people were still doubting Keturah but they have been given much more. So let’s support our own. We need to give our artists the platform and that is the only way we can build them,” Maliro said.

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