Khozie Masimbe drops Covid-19 song

MASIMBE—We should not be

Chileka reggae musician Khozie Masimbe, who curtainraises Black Missionaries performances, has released a single titled ‘Muliri’ joining the other artists, who have dropped artworks on Covid-19 pandemic.

Masimbe, who has used music to tackle various issues affecting people in the society, said Sunday, he felt it wise to join the world in the fight against Covid-19.

In the reggae song, the artist, calls upon people to unite in the fight against the pandemic by among others, taking all the necessary precautionary measures such as washing hands with soap, avoiding handshake and keeping social distance.


In the song, Masimbe, as prays to God to remove the pandemic saying human beings have failed.

He also sings in the song that the pandemic should not be politicised.

“We should not be divided, let us walk together, almost everything has stopped functioning at the moment, our economy has been affected, companies are laying off people, we as artists have been affected and we cannot hold shows, education has been affected and so no-one has been left out,” he said.


Masimbe also calls for authorities to close the borders and make sure the screen people upon arrive from outside.

He also observes in the song that some people have taken advantage of the pandemic to enrich themselves.

“As artists, we have a duty to disseminate important messages to the people and also bring awareness to them to help bring about change,” he said.

Meanwhile, Masimbe has said Covid-19 has affected his fifth album project titled Utatu Woyera.

“I just hope things will normalise soon otherwise as artists, we are failing to make ends meet. We depend on live performances, we miss live performances and we miss the fans,” he said.

The artist’s other albums a r e Uziyang’anire Wekha, Mubvutikiranji, Nzeru ya Solomo and Mfumu ya Mafumu

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