Kids of today won’t tolerate nonsense


Until now, the details regarding why pupils of Chankhanga Primary School in my home town of Kasungu went on rampage and descended on the Municipal Council offices to break property remain sketchy.

All we know is that someone at the municipal council has committed a mortal sin of selling their football ground to unnamed business people in the municipality.

Without condoning the damage the pupils inflicted on the municipality’s property, that someone should have known better than be told that sporting facilities, including a football ground, have always been part of the DNA of our schools in this country, is a foregone conclusion.


But this is what our country has become. The administration of land by Ministry of Lands, city or municipal councils as well as any other landlords is very chaotic and always suspicious.

Common sense is no longer common and we live in a country of surprises.

But while we, the old generation, are too busy or too afraid to take action against glaring suspicious behaviour by our leaders, the children are a different ball game altogether.


They have consistently shown that they will not tolerate the nonsense that we seem too happy to live with.

Was it not only last year when teachers in the country went on strike because the DPP administration was playing games of brinkmanship with their leave grants?

The children of Malawi knew that they were the proverbial grass in this fight of elephants, but the difference is; they refused to be trumped upon.

They came out on the streets, roads and attracted attention to themselves by wrongly stoning vehicles of innocent citizens who were not part of those at Capital Hill who were busy frustrating their teachers.

The beauty of children is that they have nothing to lose. They are not encumbered by the legalese minefield that we the adults must go through before we make our minds known to our leaders who are creating problems for the country.

The children will not bother to go and look for permission from Police or city councils to hold a demonstration and stop any nonsense from the adults that should behave like adults.

When they feel that their rights are violated, the children of Malawi have no time for government operatives to launch a propaganda blitz in the media just to stop them from expressing themselves.

Should this not be the Malawi that we should all aspire to have if we are going to make progress as a nation?

Why, for example, in this day and age, a constitutionally guaranteed right that citizens should peacefully demonstrate be a subject of endless debate between those intending to do it and government operatives?

Why should a government in a 21st century Malawi be nervous every time citizens decide to express displeasure at poor governance and maladministration through demonstrations?

Until when shall citizens be limited to enjoy this right that they are entitled to?

So many things are going wrong in this land and there is nothing happening that comes near anything to being extraordinary.

But our leaders want to cheat the poor illiterate masses that something is happening in form of a revolution although they do not say where exactly this is taking place.

There is blatant carelessness and sometimes outright crookedness in the way government runs the affairs of the state.

The K4 billion scandal, in which ministries of Local Government and Finance, wanted to discriminately share the money among 86 MPs that supported the DPP government’s stand against the electoral bills in Parliament in December last year is a typical example of crookedness in the corridors of power.

The money government was to use was taxpayers’ and that is not the way to appropriate it.

There was nothing of an emergency nature that could have necessitated it, especially in view of the fact that there are other modes of funding rural development in the name of Local Development Fund (LDF) and Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

The idea was merely to reward political expediency but using taxpayers’ money.

This was wrong and citizens of this country have a right to make a pronouncement on it, whether through demonstrations or otherwise.

What any responsible government would do in such a case is to come out clean by punishing those who were conspiring to break the law, using taxpayers’ money.

What we saw, instead, is something different through government holding countless press conferences where nothing of substance was said, not to mention mobilisation of chiefs to do the same bidding.

Who wanted an opinion of a chief on whether what the issues demonstrators were raising made sense to them or not? Is that what Constitution says that chiefs must have a last say on whether Malawians should demonstrate or not?

When shall this circus of gullible chiefs end? Who listens to an opinion of chiefs when everyone knows it is more of their full belly that forces them to speak than the interest of the nation?

But the children of Kasungu showed us the other day they have no time for these shenanigans when someone has stepped on their toes.

Perhaps there is hope for the future for Malawi after all, with this younger generation.

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