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Blantyre-based musical group Kukana Kuba Kasambwe Brothers Band continues to entertain people in the country with their music and is seeking support to produce a debut DVD for their old songs.

The renowned Ndirande Township based group is also seeking support to record a new album Chibelemuda.

Kukana Kuba means refusing to steal and they deliberately named themselves Kukana Kuba argueing that they use their talent to raise money to support their families.


Despite struggling and not managing to raise enough and having nothing to show for their sweat, the group is passionate about music hence continuing with their trade.

“We keep pushing with the hope that one day things will change for us. We have tried several means to raise funds but we have failed. The little we make is what supports our families and so, we cannot manage to buy equipment,” one of the members, Joseph Banda, said.

The lead singer, who also plays the acoustic guitar, said they would like to produce a DVD to give a chance to people to watch them and also appreciate some of their old vibes.


“Some people think that the group does not exist but we are still around but we cannot hold shows on our own due to lack of resources. This has relegated us to performing in markets where we only get something for a day to support our families,” Banda said.

He said at times they have got support from artists such as Code Sangala, who managed to bring them to Jacaranda Cultural Centre to perform at the Sounds of Malawi Acoustic session.

“Apart from that, Code Sangala also helped us get a new guitar. This is what we want, to be utilised by organisations. We believe we can do more even during this time to sensitise people about Covid-19 pandemic,” Banda said.

Apart from Banda, the other members of the group are Fatsani Kennedy, who plays traditional drums fixed with bottle tops and Konzani Chikwata, who plays the babatoni – a three-stringed guitar that is different from the commonly one-stringed babatonis.

“People can give us cash or they can choose to support us in our projects or they can utilise us in their projects and then pay us. We believe we still have more to offer to the country in terms of music although the landscape has changed,” Chikwata said.

The group has maintained its touch and style in their songs and have proved to be key in using music to disseminate important messages to the masses.

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