Kwathu ready with ‘Dziko’


By Sam Banda Jnr:

Kwathu Drama Group is ready with another play titled Dziko which will be staged during the Easter period.

The group’s director, Eric Mabedi, popularly known as Jakobo, confirmed Monday they were set for the premiere of Dziko which is expected to have two parts.


The premiere of Dziko comes barely a month after the drama group staged thanksgiving shows in Blantyre, Lilongwe and Zomba.

The shows, which saw Kwathu staging Achithekere which was written by Charles Mphoka, were aimed at thanking people for their support during Mabedi’s illness.

Written by Mabedi, the play has a cast of nine and features two new faces alongside old guards of Linda Chatha, Penu Mussa, Moses Mandebvu, Emma Chikwembeya, Enifa Chiwaya and Ferguson Magona.


The new faces are Hudson Mpunga and Ben Maluwasa.

“Kwathu has been there since the 1980s and we would like to thank people for the support. This is why we will strive to continue bringing them fresh productions. We also have new faces because we are trying to bring transition to the group. We want the young blood to come out and write productions,” Mabedi said.

Over the years, Kwathu has relied heavily on Mphoka and Mabedi, who have been instrumental in writing plays.

Last year, Mphoka came out with Achithekere while Mabedi stitched Umboni wa Mwana.

Mabedi said the latest play is part of their contribution to democracy where they would want to talk to the people ahead of the May 21 2019 elections.

“The play has several issues but we are trying to dig deeper and talk about the leaders. We feel we have a duty to speak to the people on different issues and, as dramatists, we use plays. We are going to polls and we felt the need to bring out a message to the people,” he said.

The play according to Mabedi, in one of the scenes discusses the weaknesses and strength of all the country’s former presidents.

“What has changed? Where have we lost out? What are the solutions? This time, people will get to sample the first part and then we will try to bring the second part of the elections. At the moment, we want to make sure that we perform in different places before May 21 2019,” he said.

The play will premiere at Phalombe Lodge on Easter Saturday before moving to Lilongwe Town Hall on Easter Sunday and then Blantyre Cultural Centre on Easter Monday.

Mabedi said, having only staged two productions last year, they wanted to offer more this year.

Recently, Mabedi appealed to people who have ideas to be put into a play or have plays to contact them in an effort to give people a variety of productions.

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