Kwathu’s play targets homosexual issues


When Kwathu Drama Group advertised in some of the local radio and television stations inviting people to a wedding ceremony held at Mulanje View Motel on Sunday and Blantyre Cultural Centre this coming Thursday, many thought this was a play focusing mainly on a wedding ceremony.

But little did they know that the wedding was just part of their creativity to use it in relaying a message in a different way to the society in their latest production titled Mwatilakwira.

The play opens with a colourful wedding ceremony of Adam and Eve at a church where the couple make their marriage vows that they would be together, love each other and stand for each other in good or bad times until death do them part.


Reverend Nanthalo, who officiates the wedding played by Eric Mabedi happens to be Adam’s father.

But things take a twist after three years when Eve’s relatives including her mother played by Enifa Chiwaya eagerly waits for a grandchild.

After the pressure, Eve played by Mwandipa Chimaliro opens up to her mother and reveals that Adam played by Moses Mandebvu is gay.


It also turns out that Adam was in a relationship with his best man (Musa Penoh) and that the two had developed a relationship when they were in secondary school.

But to avoid being noticed by his parents, Adam decided to wed with Eve.

With their homosexuality escapades, Adam and hi s partner are later arrested.

The climax of the play brings together a meeting of traditional leaders, Parliamentarians and religious leaders among others, where they discuss several issues with homosexuality being the main subject.

The meeting critically looks into agreements that the government signs before consulting Malawians citing among others, financial, human rights and bilateral loans.

The gathering hits at the government for sneaking out whenever officials go out to sign agreements and that they only appear after signing.

The meeting discusses at length the issue of homosexuality where the religious leaders led by Reverend Nathalo put it clear that homosexuality is a sin and that it can no longer be tolerated.

Traditional leaders also led by Group Village Headman Nanchidwe played by Bon Kalindo also puts his foot down that homosexuality has no place in the country and that it was against “our culture.”

But having talked at length on the issue a human rights activist Folopensi played by Charles Mphoka comes in and explains at length the issues to do with homosexuality and human rights where he even reveals that the government signed agreements on the issue.

This then forces the religious and traditional leaders to question Parliamentarians as to who signed the agreement on the issue without consulting Malawians.

But later Folopensi reveals that two young men were arrested on the issue of homosexuality and that as human rights activists they had to fight hard for their release.

One of the young men, who was arrested happens to be Adam, a son to Reverend Nanthalo, who upon hearing this faints and that marked the end of the play.

The other actors starring in the play which is the first for the grouping 2016 include Evans Mbewe and Linda Chatha.

There were rains in Mulanje on Sunday but this did not keep away theatre lovers from watching the production.

“It’s a good production, with mature message and it is tackling several issues especially homosexuality. But they need to improve in some areas especially the wedding ceremony which was too long,” said one of the fans.

Some people also observed that the other characters needed to do more in some of the scenes and that the group still compromises on its stage management.

Mabedi, who wrote the play hailed people for patronising the production despite the rains and admitted that there are gaps which they will polish up before another outing on Thursday at Blantyre Cultural Centre.

The group also used some new faces in the play among them Chimaliro, who is a member of Solomonic Peacocks and according to Mabedi, they want to work with different actors and that this shows that there is talent in the country.

Kwathu has also revealed that they will be releasing another production titled Chaulere in May.

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