Lake of Stars donates to community, Tumaini


The Lake of Stars Festival organisers donated the main stage which was used during the just ended Tumaini Festival at Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Dowa.

The gesture continues on from last year when Lake of Stars organisers similarly assisted the Tumaini Festival.

Lake of Stars founder Will Jameson said as always, when their three-day festival — which this year returned to its original home Chintheche Inn in Nkhata Bay — is over, they donate different items used to those in need.


“We donated two food stalls to curio sellers, six food stalls and toilet cubicles to the community surrounding Chintheche Inn to use for spectators at the local football grounds and revamped the football pitch,” Jameson said.

Jameson said the festival has always worked with communities since it started and that apart from working with some of the locals as volunteers, they also make donations.

Jameson also said that bamboo mats were donated to Tumaini Festival and Bandawe School for the Deaf.


Tumaini Festival founder Menes la Plume said they were grateful to Lake of Stars for the donation.

“This year was tough in terms of funding but receiving a stage made it easier for us. Tumaini Festival attracted 7,000 people this year and all of them enjoyed the experience which couldn’t have been possible without proper stages,” Menes said.

The Lake of Stars Festival was held from September 30 to October 2 while Tumaini was held November 5.

Jameson also said the festival was a success, observing that sales targets exceeded by 15 percent.

He revealed that attendance this year was 6,000 which included 1,000 tourists, over 3,000 school children during the A4AY free community concert and that over 500 children attended the Day of Ideas concert.

He said the Day of Ideas provided a platform for the youth to interact and engage with one another in creative discussions about Malawi and their role in its development.

The event was sponsored by, among others, the European Union.

Lake of Stars this year also partnered with Root to Fruit which is a fruit tree-planting enterprise located at Chintheche Inn and Our World International which is a waste management non-governmental organisation.

“The aim of these partners was to reduce the carbon footprint of the festival and also provide more sustainable waste management practices,” he said.

Jameson said the Lake of Stars will continue to play its crucial role in promoting cultural-tourism and the country’s creative industry.

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