Lambanie Dube in ‘big’ music initiative


Controversial reggae musician Lambanie Dube, formerly Limbani Banda of the ‘Chisoni Nkumatenda’ fame has said he is setting up a musical empire that includes a studio, radio station and design and tailoring shop.

The artist said he has already made headway on the studio, which he indicated will be functional soon, and that he already bought equipment.

Dube could not be drawn to say how much he is investing in setting up the musical empire.


“I am investing in music because this is what made me and this is my passion. Now I am looking at generating more. With the design and tailoring, I am looking at having clothes for sale under the Sound Slaves label,” he said.

Dube also said that, through the project, he wants to teach people to think positively and change their mindset.

“Malawi is a rich country and yet it is among the poorest in the country; we are where we are because we are jealous. We spend too much time envying others and yet, as a country, we have all the resources,” he said.


After being out of the stage for some time, the artist recently held a concert at Mibawa Multipurpose Hall in Blantyre.

“I performed at Mibawa when I was not feeling well but that was a sign that I am back. It is a warning shot that old-timers are coming back,” he said.

Dube took a swipe at the current generation for their failure to compose mature songs.

“There is that rush to release songs by the current crop and that is why we have meaningless songs. We need to compose songs that appeal and make sense to all people including your enemies,” he said.

Dube, who at one time haboured ambitions of contesting for Musicians Association of Malawi presidency, said Sound Slaves Band and his company wants to assist artists as well as bring back old-timers.

“Most old-timers took a break but they should come back and work with these younger ones. There was a time we used to enjoy messages in music but now it’s below par,” Dube said.

The reggae artist also observed that there are many studios with good equipment on the market compared to the past.

“Current generation of artists could have taken advantage of this but instead of utilising this opportunity, all we have is zero messages in songs. Music has to teach, educate and inspire,” he said.

On his being controversial, Dube said a lot of people do not understand him.

“People are happy when they see musicians or artists suffering. As for me, I was born to be a boss and not a slave. For me, music is a mission; so, I do things to excite God and not human beings. I am self-made and I work hard,” he said.

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