Lapse for artists in Carlsberg Urban Music Legacy show


The Carlsberg Urban Music Legacy show, now in its second year, was meant to be a platform for urban artists to shine and produce their best but it was not the case as others failed to spark.

Carlsberg should really be commended for creating this annual show for urban artists but more has to be done in terms of their performances.

Some artists scored points while others completely lacked the energy associated with the platform.


With the use of CDs and DJs controlling the proceedings on the desks, some musicians showed signs of laziness and indicators were there that other artists do not take rehearsals seriously.

But for some, it was serious business as usual as they lived up to the billing including Sonye, whose performance was spiced up with his dancers.

The show, which started late and went all the way to 10pm, attracted a good audience.


One of the fans Grey Tembo, said urban artists are making strides as far as music is concerned but pointed out that many are lazy.

“They are lazy, some of them do not want to rehearse and one is able to notice. Let them improve on this. I think the organisers should try to change the system by using both equipment and DJs set,” Tembo said.

Carlsberg Senior Brands Manager –Alcoholic Twikale Chirwa said they were satisfied with the event.

“We would like to thank consumers for coming in large numbers and supporting artists that are growing in talent and supporting this genre that is very promising for Malawi,” Chirwa said.

He said Carlsberg realises that there is talent across, the board in the country observing that urban music is one fast-growing platform.

“This is a platform where there is a lot of talent and we are very encouraged and as such, we are going to continue sponsoring the Urban Music Legacy in order to develop talent,” he said.

Sonye, famed for the hit ‘Tsika Msungwana’, said the show was well organised.

“Of course, the timing was late but I enjoyed my performance, this platform is good as it encourages artists to work hard but also gives them a platform,” Sonye said.

He also said that the corporate world is opening up in supporting the creative industry although more is yet to be done just as they do in assisting other fields.

The singer and producer has since announced that he will release a new single titled ‘Lokolo’ on June 4.

Other artists who performed at the show include Phyzix, Theo Thomson, Tay Grin, Ritaa and Charisma.

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