Laptop woes


Laptop computers are very indispensable tools today for students, office workers, field workers and many groups of people. This is a paperless generation, textbooks for college students are in electronic forms. Office workers do no longer fly around memos, they email one another. Field workers report progress to the head office by electronic mail.

Unlike the desktop, the laptop does not chain you to your desk. If you are not able to finish your work on time, you can always take it home with you; usually to the displeasure of your spouse. This is why a laptop is sometimes called a mobile device just as good as your mobile phone. This good feature of a laptop has its own issues.

The laptop usually catches a lift in your car in the morning when you go to work and in the evening when you drive home. Most of the people drop their laptops, on the backseat of the vehicle. The seat is soft and that secures the hard drive on bad potholes. A problem arises when you pick up passengers who may not suspect the presence of your lovely laptop and the next thing that you hear is the shattering of the laptop display.


The laptop may also attract thieves when you park at shopping malls in the evenings to pick bread for breakfast for the following morning. Most of the laptop thieves are so shrewd that are able to open your car without breaking any glasses. They leave the laptop bag so that you should not immediately suspect anything when you return.

There are no hard and fast rules on this; just make sure that your laptop is safe and secure, you may have to take it with you whenever you park at a busy shopping malls.

Other laptop users munch their breakfast while they type the last paragraph of their report. Morsels of bread or cake find their way in between keys and you eventually end up with sticky keys. Sometimes droplets of milky tea accompany the morsels of bread and that results in a much stickier keyboard.


What if a whole cup of tea spills onto the keyboard? Quickly switch off the gadget, remove the battery and leave the rest to professional technical staff and hope for the best.

It is called a laptop because you can work with it on your lap. Whoever first defined the notebook this way only told half the story. I will volunteer the other half. Viewer discretion is encouraged because some of the things I will say may be sensitive to others.

Laptops spew heat from their undersides. Such heat can cause maladies ranging from simple skin dryness and discoloration to reduced sperm count. Placing a heavy object across your thighs for hours on end may cause neurological damage.

Because you usually hunch-over with legs outstretched and neck-craned when the laptop is on your lap, that posture is a wonderful recipe for arthritis over time.

To fix this you may have to learn to use the coffee table to shield your thighs from the heat. Most of the times people use this laptop-on-top posture because they want to do their work whilst catching up on TV news or sports results in the lounge.

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