Lauren Ngwira’s saga irks Tigresses


By Mphatso Malidadi:

Netball netball giants Tigresses are growing frustrated by lack of progress in shooter Lauren Ngwira’s transfer saga.

Blantyre and Districts Netball Committee (BDNC) has reportedly de-registered Ngwira who wants to re-join Tigresses following her return from Team Northumbria in the United Kingdom (UK).


Tigresses Coach-cum-administrator, Peace Chawinga-Kaluwa, said they were at pains after being given many games within a short period of time.

“The case is dragging and yet the season would be over soon. We could have loved if the case was resolved amicably. We have played several games in a short time. This is not healthy for players. We also have a crucial game over the weekend and we want to use all our key players,” she said.

The coach made the remarks in reference to the games they won, having defeated Prison Sisters 61-42, Machinjiri Sisters 125-13 and Polytechnic 84-21.


Kaluwa said Netball Association of Malawi, being the supreme body, ruled that Ngwira was a Tigresses’ player, even though the association cleared her to play for Northumbria without her Malawian club’s consent.

“Therefore, it does not make sense for a lower body [BDNC] to overrule the highest authority,” she said.

An association is not supposed to clear a player to sign for another club without the nod of a parent team.

Tigresses appealed to Southern Region Netball Committee (SRNC) after Ngwira was barred from playing for Tigresses, following her return from the UK where she played on a six-month loan deal.

SRNC Chairperson, Judith Chalusa, said they have called all parties for a hearing in Blantyre on Saturday.

“There were some logistical problems but we hope to resolve the matter by Saturday,” he said.

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