Lawi targets East Africa

LAWI — Through my music I would want to show the world the
beauty of music

South Africa-based musician and producer, Lawi has said he intends to penetrate East Africa.

He said he was doing this because over the years he has received so much support from East Africa citing Tanzania and Kenya.

“East Africa is such a huge platform. I think Tanzania and Kenya are some of the countries in East Africa that have loved my music and given me so much support. So, I would want to give back to them and say thank you for loving my music and I will be there to give you more,” the artist told Times FM in Tanzania in an exclusive interview.


He said he was happy to have had another opportunity to talk about his music to a media house and that this simply just shows that his music was being appreciated.

“I get lots of requests from media across the globe. I am just excited about East Africa right now and I love it. There is more for me to offer,” Lawi real name Francis Phiri said.

It has been some time since the artist held a live performance in the country but has been active working with a number of artists including Gwamba in the track ‘Akondakitale’.


The singer and guitarist told Times FM in Tanzania that although he was from Malawi, he does music for the world.

“Through my music I would want to show the world the beauty of music. I want to show the African continent the true representation of who we are as Africans,” Lawi said.

Recently the artist also came out to say that the country needs to open up doors and implement some programmes that would help in the development of the creative industry.

As part of embracing technology and not leaving any stone unturned, Lawi has also put his album Sunset in the Sky online.

He said he has decided to embrace the online platforms such as Deezer, Spotify, Tidal and ITunes among others.

“As the world is more digital, earning money in such platforms is also crucial and so I made sure I am not left behind. You actually can earn from streams as well,” Lawi said.

Lawi, who debuted with Lawi recently also released a single ‘Galimoto’, which is a track off the album Thirties.

He however, could not say when the album Thirties would be ready for the market.

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