Lazarus Chakwera frees 106 inmates


President Lazarus Chakwera has pardoned 106 inmates as part of Easter celebrations.

Last year, the President pardoned 52 prisoners and, in August 2020, the Malawi leader pardoned 499 inmates in an effort to reduce congestion in the country’s reformatory facilities as a mitigation measure for the Covid pandemic.

Principal Secretary for Homeland Security Kennedy Nkhoma indicates, in a statement, that the list has prisoners who committed minor offences.


He adds that those who demonstrated behavioral reform are on the list.

According to Nkhoma, the Malawi leader has done this as an act of mercy as Malawians of the Christian faith celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“The Ministry of Homeland Security wishes to inform the General Public that it has pleased the State President to pardon a total of 106 prisoners as part of Easter celebrations,” the notice reads.


Homeland Security Minister Jean Sendeza advised Malawians to embrace the released prisoners, saying there were thorough vetting processes before they were released from prison.

“We, as government, are vigilant when it comes to ensuring that Malawians are feeling safe in the country. Malawians also have to be reminded that prisons are correctional facilities where various programmes are carried out to ensure behavioural change among the inmates,” Sendeza said.

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