Lazarus Chakwera in Parliament today

Werani Chilenga

By Cathy Maulidi & Audrey Kapalamula

President Lazarus Chakwera is this afternoon expected to appear before the National Assembly to answer questions from members of Parliament (MPs).

Chakwera opened the 50th Session of Parliament last week.


His appearance before Parliament is in line with Parliament Standing Orders, which allow the President to respond to issues before the august House migrates to budget presentation.

Speaker of the National Assembly Catherine Gotani Hara said the House would continue deliberating on the State of the Nation Address (Sona) until today morning.

Earlier, some MPs contributed to the Sona, with MP for Zomba Central Bester Awali expressing concern over the proliferation of people who are into illegal gold mining activities.


He called for speed in the establishment of the Mining Regulatory Authority.

“It is individuals that are benefitting and not the country at large. In 2021, the President indicated that there are plans to establish the Mining Regulatory Authority and, this year, he has alluded to the same issue,” he said.

Taking his turn, MP for Chitipa South Werani Chilenga blamed the Ministry of Tourism as well as that of Transport and Public Works for failing to market the country’s tourist sites locally and internationally despite efforts being made to boost the industry.

Chilenga said Parliament and the Department of Wildlife worked hard to stock all major game reserves with wild animals but claimed that little is being done to advertise such treasures.

“Many Malawians do not know that we have all these animals in the country. The Ministry of Tourism is failing to market things even within our country. Now, look at our road network; it is very poor. The hotels are also too expensive for nothing,” he said

On the other hand, MP for Lilongwe South Peter Dimba praised the Chakwera administration for efforts being made to transform his constituency which, he claimed, had been neglected for many years.

Leader of the House Richard Chimwendo Banda commended the House for the rich debate on Friday.

Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Sosten Gwengwe will present the budget for 2023-24 budget on March 2 2023.

The House is meeting until April 17 2023.

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