Lazarus Chakwera meets Pac today


President Lazarus Chakwera is today expected to meet Public Affairs Committee (PAC) at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre to discuss a number of sticky issues including religious intolerance and dress code for schools.

Pac Executive Director Robert Phiri said the meeting will take place from 11 in the morning.

“We will appraise the President on how the committee [Pac] helped in resolving the billboard saga but also the path we have taken to try and address the issue of dress code in public schools where Muslim girls are not allowed to attend school wearing hijabs,” Phiri said.


State House Press Secretary Brian Banda also confirmed that Chakwera is expected to meet Pac today.

On August 6, Chakwera also met Pac where the quasi-religious body advised him not to take the path of Executive arrogance, saying such tendency has affected the country’s development.

In a statement read out to Chakwera during the meeting, Pac’s Chairperson Monsignor Patrick Thawale, said the previous regimes have been taking Executive arrogance as a weapon against divergent views.


“They [some politicians] feel [that] Malawi is their property and therefore no constructive criticism should be expressed. This attitude ought to be checked because it is one of the biggest problems Malawi has witnessed.

“Pac wishes to caution Tonse Alliance that generations have changed and Malawians are not the same as they were 10 years ago. They have just given you a chance. As an alliance, you must stick to the principles and values you agreed to jointly develop this country,” the statement said in part.

During the meeting, Pac also warned Chakwera to refrain from nepotism, tribalism and regionalism, saying the President should appoint capable people regardless of districts or regions of origin.

“It has been a trend for governments to award positions to people from areas where they amassed more votes. Pac knows that you are aware about these issues. We are just emphasising [the advice] so that they are at the back of your mind,” Pac said that time.

On the other hand, Pac commended government for its efforts in fighting against the Covid-19 and the zeal to fight corruption and bring to book culprits who misused public funds.

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