Lazarus Chakwera rebukes Malawians on handouts


President Lazarus Chakwera Monday delivered a strong message to Malawians, urging them to stop the habit of demanding more from politicians than they demand from themselves.

Chakwera made the observation when he launched the first 10-year Malawi Implementation Plan (MIP-1) of Malawi 2063, which seeks to take Malawi into a lower-middle-income economy by 2030 while achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Malawi leader, who claimed he has over 500 WhatsApp messages youth, including the girl child. And rightly so, the MIP-1 emphasises engendered interventions that will promote youth engagement both in action and benefits throughout its pillars and enablers.


“Along with this will be ensuring that our education system and institutions of higher learning are capacitated by both state and non-state actors as purveyors of relevant and employable skills. Skills that should be aligned to the MIP- 1 priorities and Malawi 2063 vision generally,” Mkandawire said.

NPC Director General, Thomas Munthali, said the MIP-1 has priority strategies and interventions to be implemented in the next ten years to set Malawi on a path to actualise Malawi 2063.

Munthali said the MIP- 1 also identifies quick wins which are interventions that are already in the pipeline or have low-cost implications or having ready finance commitment or just requiring scaling-up in the next five years.


“And then we have game-changers which are interventions that significantly alter the way things are done in the development strategies and interventions of this country and can transform Malawi faster if their implementation is prioritised. MIP -1 also presents prioritized flagship programmes and projects that will accelerate Malawi’s progress towards creating an inclusively wealthy and self-reliant nation.

“Along with this are the legislative and institutional capacity development priorities especially for the pillar and enabler implementation coordinating institutions. Defining the human and skill needs for delivering on the MIP-1 and Mw2063 generally, is already in the pipeline,” Munthali said.

The Malawi 2063, which was launched in January this year, replaces Vision 2020 which many experts agree was a flop.

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