Lazarus Chakwera to fight corruption


By Wezzie Gausi:

Presidential candidate for Tonse Alliance, Lazarus Chakwera, has said corruption has crippled the country’s development, and he has since promised to end the vice if ushered into power in the fresh presidential poll.

Chakwera whose Malawi Congress Party (MCP) is in an electoral alliance with UTM and other seven political parties, made the remarks during whistle stop tours conducted in Dowa district yesterday.


According to Chakwera, Malawi would have been one of the vibrant economies in the Southern part of Africa, if it had corrupt-free leaders.

“For every country to develop, people and its leadership have to stay away from corruption. This vice is a root cause of impunity, which is being seen around.

“As Tonse Alliance, we believe in working together and sharing of resources equally to all Malawians. And that can only be possible if corruption is dealt with completely,” Chakwera said.


Taking his turn before Chakwera, MCP’s Regional Governor for the Central Region Patrick Chilondola, said people should expect change once their alliance is voted into power.

Chilondola said now that immediate past Malawi Electoral Commission Chairpetson Jane Ansah has resigned, a fair election is expected.

“By now, people are aware of the challenges they have faced with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party. The change that is needed begins with voting the right candidate. And this time around, the right candidate is Chakwera,” Chilondola said.

Senior Chief Dzoole said his area has been lagging behind in terms of development, saying now they have all the confidence in the alliance.

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