Lazarus in USA


Musician Lazarus Chigwandali, who is a person with albinism, is in United States of America (USA).

Johan Hugo of the Very Best, who has been working with Lazarus alongside other players such as Esau Mwamwaya, Spiwe Zulu and Clem Kwizombe confirmed yesterday of Lazarus’ trip.

“He got there on Saturday and he will be back in Malawi on Friday. There are some screenings in USA of his film and he will also be meeting Madonna and also doing some press out there for the film,” Hugo said.


Recently Lazarus’ film found its way to The New Yorker magazine.

The film titled Lazarus which was executive produced by Madonna and Bryn Mooser and directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker, David Darg, is a short documentary following Lazarus on his rise from street musician to global recording artist and award-winning activist.

Meanwhile, Johan has said the Lazarus documentary film score was out now.


“I did this score from tiny samples and loops of Lazarus banjo, vocals and drum. It was a really fun score to make and I am really grateful for Ben Lovett of Mumford & Sons who played piano on five of the songs. And Jacob Vetter who did the song ‘Pa Mseu’ with me,” he said.

Johan said he wanted to create something organic and delicate without the obvious emotional bells and whistles.

“Lazarus’ story is incredibly intimate, so I chose to reflect that in music rather than go over the top and pull on people’s heart strings, which would have been the obvious route. His story speaks for itself,” he said.

On working with Mumford and Sons, Johan said: “Mumford were rehearsingfor their Delta tour at the time so the five songs they did together were recorded backstage. For each song, I supplied a sound bed that Ben freestyled a single piano take for. Ben’s piano is the only thing on the score not made from Lazarus samples”.

He said the score was out worldwide.

Johan further said that Lazarus’ story was a perfect fit for The New Yorker documentary as they seek to elevate unique voices and tell stories from around the world.

“It’s the ideal home for this film with their rich history of showcasing award-winning documentary content,” the producer said.

The film debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival in United States of America (USA) as an official selection in April 2019 and the film has screened globally at festivals including Mountainfilm, Traverse City Film Festival, and Hollyshorts, where it won the Best Documentary Prize.

Apart from screening outside the country, Lazarus film has also been screened in the country.

Recently Johan also revealed that they had finally managed to buy Lazarus a K19 million house in Lilongwe for him to stay in a safe and protected place. The musician has since occupied the house.

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