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As their slogan stands, ‘leading is our way of life,’ Times Group continues to lead the way and the latest being driving the Chanco Got Talent, Show through Times Television in partnership with Lens Arts.

The Chanco Got Talent which started off with the auditions that attracted more than 30 entrants, has now reached the grand finale set to be held tomorrow night at The Great Hall in Zomba.

Five contestants namely Kitson Namathanga, Bertha Kadeka, Fungai Musinze, Motion of Movement and Omega Sambakunsi made it to the grand finale after impressing the audience and the judges.


The five are all ready for the showdown tomorrow as they seek to win the grand prize of K500,000.

It was not that easy for the five to get to the grand finale as they had to show their swag from the word go as well as beating evictions.

“I am excited to be in the final. I will work on my shortfalls which were pointed out by the judges, otherwise, I am ready and I hope to win,” said Fungai, who loves reggae music during the semi finals.


Dancers Motion of Movement, who put up a splendid performance during the semi finals, also told the hosts, which included Times Television presenter Sharon Chirwa, that they were ready and would practise hard to come up with new styles during the grand finale.

Motion of Movement is the only dancing group which has made it to the final which is dominated by singers.

Namathanga has also impressed during the competition showing his verve in both vocals and playing the guitar while Kadeka and Sambakunsi have also shown potential in their singing.

The competition has attracted different talents from poetry to singing to dancing to drama among others.

Some of the renowned artists who participated in the competition but have failed to make it to the grand finals include poet Samuel Joseph and theatre group – Chanco Travelling Theatre.

It remains to be seen as to who will carry the day after the battle tomorrow night.

As the biggest media house on the land, Times Group says it is leading the way in promoting the creative industry and they have truly shown that by introducing different programmes.

The company successfully held the Ka Jive Dance competition which offered a platform to the youths to show their dancing skills before coming in with the Chanco Got Talent Show with Lens Arts.

Times Group’s Chief Commercial Manager Dumisani Ngulube said yesterday they are happy with the way the Chanco Got Talent Show has run.

“We started with the auditions then evictions and now we are in the final. We are happy to be associated with this show. It has been exciting and people have sampled fantastic acts with music the dominant field but we have seen a diversity of talent,” said Ngulube.

He said Chanco Got Talent Show has offered an opportunity to University of Malawi – Chancellor College students to show their different talents but also demonstrate that they have what it takes to excel in the arts as a university that deals with arts.

“There have been challenges here and there but this being the first event I would give it a score of eight out of 10. Chanco being an arts college has not disappointed,” said Ngulube.

He said the Chanco Got Talent Show is just the first step into more things to come as they make steps to bringing the Unima Got Talent and then Malawi Got Talent.

“We could not have just gone full throttle with Unima Got Talent and so this is why we started with Chanco Got Talent and now we want to migrate to Unima Got Talent and then Malawi Got Talent,” said Ngulube.

He said that having brought in different guest artists starting during the premiere and through to the evictions which include Dan Lu and Piksy, they decided to engage Balaka based musician Lucius Banda.

“Lucius Banda is one of the successful musicians in the country and so we thought of bringing him on board to entertain the audience and at the same we also have Bucci who will represent the younger generation in love with urban music,” said Ngulube.

He said their aim is to make sure that the creative industry grows and that artists get the respect they deserve but also earn a living through it.

“The country has talent but it has not been supported fully and so as Times Group we want people to appreciate this talent. We want our artists out there to make a living out of arts and support their families. It is sad that art is not taken seriously,” said Ngulube.

He then called on the corporate world to support them in these programmes.

“As Times Group we are leading the way but we can only succeed in driving these programmes if there is support from the corporate world. We therefore call for support,” said Ngulube.

Meanwhile, Soldier said it is always a challenge to perform to young and excited students.

“Naturally, I love being challenged and so I am excited to perform at The Great Hall and at this event and I am also looking forward to sampling talent in the Chanco Got Talent,” said the legendary musician.

He said he is ready to entertain people at the event with several of his songs including new songs from his latest 18th album titled Thank You.

The musician said the album is doing well on the market but was quick to point out that the sales are a bit slow than usual.

“I am not surprised with the sales because most people are getting the songs via flash disks and memory cards,” said the ‘Mabala,’ hit maker.

During the just ended sitting of Parliament, Soldier, who is a Member of Parliament for Balaka North, presented some of the challenges that musicians and the creative industry as a whole is facing in the country.

One of the key issues he presented was the problem of piracy which he noted is killing talent in the country and that musicians are failing to earn a living from their sweat.

The musician observed that there was a need to introduce levies on gadgets like flash disks to help musicians benefit.

“Where we are at the moment, people are all over using flash disks and memory cards to get music and a few are buying our original CDs. Levies need to be introduced otherwise we asre finished as an industry,” he said.

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