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Legal fees scare Nomads in airtime dealership saga

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Be Forward Wanderers Chairperson Simon Sikwese has said the club is failing to start investigating the airtime distribution saga in which K124 million reportedly went missing.

“The issue requires further investigations. It may require involvement of legal experts. All these are additional expenses that we cannot risk incurring,” he said.

Wanderers supporters have been pressing the executive committee to investigate the airtime dealership saga as a way of alleviating their financial woes.


Sikwese said currently, the club’s focus was on settling debts, feared to be over K70 million.

“There is a lot surrounding this issue. Our focus now is on addressing the debts that we have as well addressing the sponsorship issues that we have,” he said.

The Nomads Chairperson said the club was also struggling to authenticate some of the debt but promised to settle it later.


“We cannot ascertain how much because some are claiming to be owed money yet they do not have supporting documentation. We have asked those who the club owe money to bring evidence. As a club, we will only honour those that have been authenticated.

“All debts will be serviced once the club has a steady flow of income. We will and cannot manage to settle all debts at once. But slowly we will settle the debts. We cannot say how long this will take because it will depend on how much the team will generate,” he said.

Wanderers effected pay cut on players after their sponsor-Japanese firm Be Forward Limited-reduced funding following loss of business as a result of Covid-19 pandemic.

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