Lesson for posterity


President of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Peter Mutharika who, once-upon-a-time, accidentally and dubiously became president of Malawi, lived true to his eponymous man in the Book.

In the same fashion as the ecclesiastical Peter denied ever having allegiance to Jesus— who all along had been his master—Mutharika last week made a stunning rebuttal of his involvement in the cement deal which has left many Malawians shocked to the marrow.

As Mutharika puts it, he was unaware that some crook who happened to be close to him was abusing presidential privileges to import cement worth billions into the country.


Mutharika—this we all know—is someone who has never cultivated trust in Malawians. It is not that easy to believe what he says if at all we have to flip through pages of his deeds and listen again to his words.

Perhaps it is that sickness that usually strikes people struggling with old age which makes them have the illusion that everyone is young and naïve and can easily be treated to a lullaby of lies. That Mutharika did not know that his minion was busy using his TPIN is either a lie or simply put, a confession of the person he has been all along: one in trance.

On so many occasions, I have opined that Mutharika either was the mastermind in grand schemes of looting of public resources or that he was just another puppet made to be on the front just because of his name and legacy which his demised brother Bingu left for him.


Look here. If at all this Mutharika is saying the truth that he did not know that some mafias were using his name in this shady cement deal, then we have a problem. If he is lying, then the problem is equally big.

If, indeed, Mutharika did not know anything about the shenanigans, then he still must be held accountable for being a sleeping, drooling

and lousy person who took Malawians for granted. How, for whoever’s sake, can a man so old, tired and senile tell us that he wanted five more years to lord over us when he was not even aware of what was happening in his office?

If we still keep records, Mutharika said he was fit and agile and that he would take Malawi to the leagues of Singapore and USA. These promises were made despite glaring shows of his leadership ineptitude.

This man really thought he was talking to toddlers.

Then, on the other hand, if Mutharika knew—which I believe he did—whatever was happening in his government, then he was as the incumbent Lazarus Chakwera once described him a “Prince of thieves.”

Mutharika’s reign should be a stark reminder for all and sundry that we have been making mistakes that need not to be repeated.

Come to think of it that over 1.7 million Malawians had the conviction that this Mutharika would captain us on the sail to the shores of prosperity yet he was either just sleeping or conducting an orchestra of grand thievery.

Being a leader in trance has been the hallmark of Peter Mutharika. He has never been impressive and his leadership style was questionable.

This is the man who failed in every ministry his brother pushed him to and it was obvious that his qualification was his name.

It really beats me that some Malawians really thought he would be entrusted with the huge task of running our affairs.

Going back to his claim of innocence on the cement deal, Mutharika should also quickly be drafting another lie of ignorance how the wife of his old age, Gertrude that is, and her son become stinking rich overnight.

It is not a matter of vengeance, but Mutharika must be taken to task for taking Malawians for fools and this must serve as lesson for posterity.

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