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Let us be our own keepers


Christmas is, once again, here—a day of festivities, prayer, reflection and renewal, especially to those who seek to start their spiritual journey afresh.
Christians and other people who revere Jesus Christ, born over two millennia ago, celebrate the occasion in many ways, including by reaching out to others, visiting relatives and others who could not be visited in person due to pressing issues, notably exigencies of duty.
Unfortunately, there are always those who decide to dedicate the day to themselves by indulging in, for example, excessive alcohol use, criminal activities and other nefarious activities. It must be against these that the Malawi Police Service (MPS) is always alert in festive periods like these.
Just yesterday, MPS issued a statement in which it warns those who over-indulge by, for example, failing to observe speed limits, seating capacity, driving while high on alcohol, swimming while intoxicated, failing to wear life jackets, that they will pay the cost of their insolence.
It seems as if some people want to be policed all the time, which is why we continue to register cases of accidents and other unfortunate incidents during this time of the year.
Well, we, at The Daily Times specifically and Times Group in general, do not want to be the bearer of bad news today because Christmas, if we needed a reminder, is there to bring us tonnes of joy.
So, to avoid becoming a statistic— mere statistic— we would like to urge all of us to celebrate responsibly. Tomorrow is another day. Let us be our own keepers, instead of waiting for others to police us.
We have come a long way, since January 1 2017. We should not celebrate as if the world ends today. Let us also avoid spending money carelessly.
Let the word ‘responsibility’ garnish our thoughts unceasingly.
It is the hope for tomorrow that makes us say, loudly this time, that we wish you a Happy Christmas! May the good times roll.

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