Let us rebrand—Lambanie Dube

DUBE—We are all one

Controversial musician Lambanie Dube, formerly Limbani Banda of the ‘Chisoni Nkumatenda’ fame, has called on fellow musicians in the country to unite, forget their differences and strive to bring out new things for them to succeed.

He said the past years saw the country speaking about Vision 2020 and now that “we are in the year 2020”, it was time for each and every one to rebrand.

“The country has been talking about Vision 2020 for so long but nothing has really happened. Now that we are in 2020, let us start afresh. If we were doing something and we failed to manage it, let us focus on something different. This is the year where we have to rebrand and reposition ourselves otherwise every person has potential,” Dube said.


The dreadlocked musician also called upon fellow musicians to unite and not work in isolation.

“Times when we were sidelining each other to say some are gospel and others secular is gone. We are all one, God gave us the talent and let us utilise it well. We can achieve great things if we stay focused and work together and be passionate in what we do,” Dube said.

The reggae musician, who has a number of albums to his credit, said he was happy that last year he set up a studio as well as put together a band.


“Through the studio I want to help up-and-coming artists. There are a lot of young artists out there who have the potential but they are not supported. I want to do that with the little resources I have. There is just so much we can do as a country but we are lazy at times,” Dube said.

He said apart from working with young artists and promoting them, he is also looking into recording a new album.

“I am taking my time on working on my album but I know for sure that this year I will do it,” Dube said.

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