Let us strive for quality—Soldier


Musician Soldier Lucius Banda has called on fellow musicians to strive for quality, saying times have changed and competition is stiff.

Lucius, who is also Presidential Adviser on Youth and Arts, said quality is the only way musicians can win people’s hearts.

“The creative industry has been affected greatly by the Covid-19 pandemic and now we need to find solutions on how we can survive. People are no longer buying CDs and there are also restrictions of not more than 100 people. So the key word should be quality to make it,” he said.


Lucius, who is one of the successful musicians in the country and has more than 15 albums, said quality will always draw people to one’s work.

“If there is quality in your work then you are assured of support and this is what musicians and artists need to put more effort in. Gone are the days when we were only looking at quantity,” he said.

Lucius said, with the pandemic, which has brought restrictions to gatherings, “quality will be key in attracting people to your shows”.


“If we are to hold shows with a smaller number then you will also need to raise the entry fee but people will only accept that high fee when there is quality in your work,” he said.

He described 2020 as a wasted year when artists failed to succeed in their projects.

“This is just a year for us to thank God for keeping us safe and we are hoping that things will be normal next year. One of the sectors that has been affected greatly by the pandemic is creative industry; unfortunately, we are not supported fully,” Lucius said.

He said many musicians and artists have had to adjust and look at other ways of making money to earn a living.

Lucius also said that it was time for the industry to embrace technology.

“We need to move fast and be at par with the world as far as technology is concerned. Where we are now, selling music has now turned online and shows and we have seen artists holding online shows. But this is not easy, we need the ground to be levelled and then we also need support from the government and the corporate world,” he said.

His two shows on Friday and Sunday will see him sharing the stage with his brother Sir Paul, Chisomo Golombe, Nepman, Janta, Saint, Sam Smack, Eli Njuchi, Mr Friday and his son Mr Zembani.

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