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Let’s act on corruption


Corruption has dominated the discourse of the country’s stagnation in development and been cited as the major reason Malawi is not developing.

And the prayers against corruption by the Muslim community have just validated long-standing assertions that we, as a country, are doing very little to end corrupt practices.

These revelations are not new at all. Several actors have raised these issues repeatedly, imploring government to exhibit genuine enthusiasm to lead in putting an end to corrupt practices.


The most painful factor is that government wants Malawians to believe otherwise.

For the past two decades, Malawi has made little progress, economically and socially, and there are telling signs the country will stagnate economically for, probably, the next 100 years.

There are so many reasons for the economic backwardness of the country that can be classified into structural, attitudinal and political.


But the country has failed to make much headway on the road to purposeful political and economical development mainly because the country’s heads of State have not employed its resources for that end but have used the resources for the development of themselves and few cronies: opportunists and thieves.

The state of Malawi is that of disabling despair. It is also a captured state in the grips of non-listening arrogant leaders.

It is, therefore, not too surprising that there is rampant corruption in the country.

In fact, since 1994, a culture of looting and embezzlement has taken root. In as far as corruption and mismanagement of public resources are concerned, the administrations that have come and gone since 1994 are one and the same in essence.

There is a considerable continuum of all the political leaders and the value system cutting across all the way from the United Democratic Front, through the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to the People’s Party and back to DPP.

Otherwise, all the corruption talk should have jolted us, as a nation, into action to root out the vice from the nation.

Surely, let us feel ashamed of the incessant crises in health, education and agriculture that corruption is creating and take a decisive action against the vice.

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