‘Let’s be members of music body’


Musicians Union of Malawi (Mum) Southern Chapter chairperson Papa Mtume has called on musicians to join the union so as to speak with one voice.

Papa Mtume said in an interview that musicians should not be outside the union even if they have made names.

“Our friends have got bodies, for instance we have marketers who are members of their body and the same applies to lawyers, journalists and so as musicians we need to be part of Mum if we are to grow the music industry,” he said.


Mtume said this after observing that some musicians are not part of the union.

“There are so many things that musicians stand to benefit from being members, we have training workshops which normally benefit members but it is sad that some musicians because they have already made a name, they do not want to be part of the union,” said the southern chapter chairperson.

He noted that musicians are facing a lot of challenges observing that piracy, distribution and marketing of music are some of the key problems.


“We need to have a proper place where people can access our music and again we do not have proper venues. So we are working tirelessly as a union headed by our executive to improve things but all this can work if musicians work together,” said Mtume.

Meanwhile Mum Southern Chapter has organised a show dubbed Southern Stars concert to be held at Mibawa Café in Blantyre on August 28.

Mtume said the Southern Chapter has been expanding its base to reach out to more musicians especially those in the rural areas and at that at the moment they also have a branch in the Shire Valley region.

“As Southern Chapter we want musicians who are in the rural areas not to be sidelined hence putting in place branches. At the moment we have a branch in the Shire Valley and Mulanje and we will soon also expand to Mwanza,” he said.

Mtume said the branches were operating without funding hence organising a concert that will be part of raising funds but also showcase talent.

“We have so many musicians in the Southern region so this concert is part of raising funds. This platform will also act as a place for us to reach out to the corporate world and the government for support and that they should utilise us in their different programmes,” he said.

Mtume said the all night concert will feature several artists and they include Slashers Band, Lucky Stars, Chechule, Gloria Manong’a, Loveness Mbeta, Kaligo Melodies Band, Isaac Liwotcha, Cosby Ngumuya and Ufulu Band, Snowden Ibu and Super Boys Band

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