Lewis Chakhwantha removed as committee chair


Lewis Chakwantha who was chairperson for Legal Affairs Committee of Parliament has been kicked out of his position and replaced by another Malawi Congress Party legislator Maxwell Thyolera.

The elections, which saw Thyolera taking over from Chakhwantha, took place on Monday when the committee started meeting for the week.

Thyolera who was vice chairperson confirmed his election and said previously, there was a general outcry from the 22 members of the committee that it was not giving reports to Parliament.


“There was just a general outcry from previous members and some of them have been in the Legal Affairs [Committee of Parliament] since 2014 and the outcry was about legal affairs not reporting to plenary,” said Thyolera adding that even if the committee had genuine reasons for not reporting, still the blame would go to the chairperson.

Thyolera said in an interview on Tuesday that he would make sure that the committee gives regular reports to the plenary.

“The first thing that I will address as a new chair is that we should be reporting regularly to the plenary because legal affairs committee is a committee of about 22 members representing the whole national assembly and periodically we have to report to plenary of the activities that we are carrying out,” he said.


Chakhwantha said he could not comment on the failure to report to the plenary. He said there was no permanent leadership and so he was not worried about the change.

“I have no comment to give since I was not removed, rather didn’t make it as a new chair. Otherwise, I know that in life you can save 99 goals but when you just concede one goal, people will always remember and capitalise on the one goal,” he said.

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