LG dares Samsung Galaxy S20


The recently launched Samsung Galaxy S20 is surely a gadget to have but the price makes it unreachable. $1,000 is close to K1 million on. That is not the kind of money you want to spend on a gadget to process your WhatsApp messages.

I do not know where Apple and Samsung lost it; when the iPhone launched in 2007, it only cost $499.

Ten years later, the iPhone’s price skyrocket to $999. The message is simple, high-end smartphones, just like BMW cars, are symbols of status.


Fortunately, there are technology companies that take advantage of the market created by the so many people that desire to buy iPhones or Samsung Galaxies yet there pockets are not deep enough. They go ahead to create smartphones that are closer to these flagship phones with less threatening price tags. One such company is LG.

LG and Samsung are South Korea companies and it is only natural that LG should dare Samsung on the recently launched Galaxy S20.

LG’s checkmate for Samsung Galaxy S20 is V60 ThinQ 5G. As the name suggests, this is also a 5G gadget like Galaxy S20. In ordinary language, this is a phone whose network does not exist in Malawi and many countries for the time being.


While the Galaxy S20 screen slightly bends at the bottom, V60 ThinQ 5G is a straight 6.8 inches flat smartphone. It has thin bezels which make it a bit less fancy than the total bezel-less S20. Unlike the S20, the V60 has a dual screen case which acts as a second screen to run another app. That makes up for less attractive looks.

The drawback is that the case makes the phone look bloated and less gorgeous.

The good news is that it is just as powerful; propelled by Snapdragon 865 chip and with bountiful 8GB RAM and a plentiful 5,000 mAh battery.

The V60 ThinQ 5G has a headphone jack; something that Samsung Galaxy S20 does not have. This is a matter of philosophy, for Samsung and Apple, headphone jack era is gone, and this is time for USB or wireless compatriots.

V60 has a 64 MP regular snapper and 13 MP ultra wide cameras at the back. This combination which is one camera short compared to the S20 can shoot 8K videos like S20.

The LG V60 ThinQ 5G will launch in the next few months. There has been no mention of prices as yet, believe you me; it is going to cost much less.

Unlike the Chinese One Plus, LG has not cut many corners to create a replica of Samsung Galaxy S20. This is so close and even better is some instances. We need more companies to come up with flagship phones to revival the traditional manufactures and then prices will sober.

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