Lilongwe International Fashion Week Saturday


The long awaited Lilongwe International Fashion Week is on tomorrow at Golden Peacock.

The organisers have revealed that Regina of Adwalah from Ghana is already in the country while Amen Couture from South Africa and Robin Chaidva from Zimbabwe were expected to arrive yesterday.

“Everything is perfect; the fashion week is on without fail. This is a platform where people will see the best of fashion from different countries including Malawi. This is all about giving fashion a platform,” said one of the founders Major Carter.


He described the fashion week as rich and that it attracts an influx of reputable and well known foreign fashion designers across the globe.

“This year we have invited every embassy to be part of the fashion week. The main show is for a cause because we want to raise funds to go to the cancer foundation to help the oncology wards in Lilongwe and Blantyre,” he said.

He also said that the fashion week was aimed at promoting Pan- Africanism through the art and power of fashion.


“It is the duty of us the young people to create a better Africa, a better place to live in and for future generations so through the fashion we are determined to show the continent how far we are willing to go,” he said.

Carter also said that the fashion week wants to promote models.

Some of the international designers set to showcase their designs at the fashion week include Nada a famous fashion designer in Arab world, Kapasa of Mangishi from Zambia, Josephine Hendo from Uganda and K Martins from Kenya.

The international designers are Wyson of Nyalisa Wear, Chiristian Entwan, Emma, Denzo Hussein and Vivietta.

There will also be musical performances spicing up the fashion week and some of the artists performing are Hazel Mak, Fillip Nicolas Bjerkem from Eyez Low Records from Norway, Ritaa and Kika.

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