Lilongwe Water Board, Lilongwe City Council speak on Area 18 water


Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) and Lilongwe City Council (LCC) have said it was just a case of mere fears on sewer system spillage to water pipes in Area 18 but there was no contamination of any sort recently.

LWB Chief Executive Officer Alfonso Chikuni and his LCC counterpart Moza Zeleza told the media in Lilongwe yesterday that it was a mere manhole overflow.

Chikuni said, on February 25, he received reports that there was spillage in the area and LWB and LCC immediately sent workforce to attend to the problem.


He said LWB pipes in the area are new and despite the legal obligation to deal with sewer system, practically, LWB does not deal with the system.

“We do the sampling of water every day and, for Area 18, we do that daily and the water was safe,” he said.

Chikuni said during the maintenance, it was also found that residents continue to put solid items such as diapers and stones in the sewer system.


According to the board CEO, what happened last year really stressed, worried and damaged the reputation of LWB and the water utility body, LCC and Malawi Housing Corporation (MHC) are working together although each agency is supposed to take its rightful role.

“We believe what happened last year was an accident but the occurrence of the same will be recklessness. LWB did its part and we are asking other parties to respect the boundaries,” he said.

Recently, Chikuni penned MHC reminding the corporation of the need to maintain Area 18 sewer system that was found wanting in July last year when people in the area drank contaminated water.

Zeleza said what happened last year was a public health issue that does not need to happen again.

Officials from MHC, which is responsible for the sewer system in Area 18, were not available at the press briefing and, according to Chikuni and Zeleza, their absence may be attributed to the location of their corporate office, Blantyre.

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