Lily Alfonso brings safety combo packages

ALFONSO—It is important to
understand your vision

Covid-19 pandemic has created the need to be innovative by producing products that help people to protect themselves in their daily lives.

This challenge inspired the country’s renowned fashion designer, Lily Alfonso, to create a new range of safety combo packages, combining practical products such as face masks, gloves and hand sanitisers.

The Lilongwe-based designer, who has represented the country in several fashion design platforms on the international stage adds to the several products that other designers have produced on the ground with face masks dominating.


According to Lionesses of Africa, which is the Pride of Africa’s Women Entrepreneurs, Alfonso’s safety combo packages are for men and women and that they comprise of face masks, gloves and handsaniters.

“The combos can also be packaged according to customer preference. People can wear and use these new products with style and practice safe measures anywhere, at home and outside,” reports Lionesses of Africa.

Speaking about her inspiration for the new launch, Alfonso said: “It is important to understand your vision and with those you want to see benefit. With that mindset, you will see the need of protecting those you want to work with. It is our own right to work on services and products that will benefit many people in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic with style”.


Alfonso who has also won a number of awards in fashion design said her introduction of the combo was to encourage and inspire designers to enjoy producing products that will help people to stay safe whilst working.

“At the end of the day, life has to go on. We had to come up with a mindset of post Covid-19 pandemic lifestyle,” she said.

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