Limbe-Nkaya line under repairs


The Central East African Limbe-Nkaya line under repairs Railways (CEAR) has started rehabilitating the railway line from Limbe to Nkaya with an aim of improving efficiency in the transportation of people and goods on the line.

The first phase of the project involves rehabilitation works of the Limbe to Lirangwe line, which is expected to be completed in March 2016.

Cear Public Relations Officer, Chisomo Mwamadi, said the rehabiliated rail line will reduce transit time for trains on the route.


He said with the Nkaya- Nayuchi line of the rail completely rehabilitated, Cear decided to repair the Nkaya-Limbe section as well to ensure that there is a completely re-done railway line throughout the route.

“We are putting new rail lines which are heavier as compared to the previous one. We are also repairing bridges,” said Mwamadi.

“With the new line, there will be stability and an improvement in transit speed,” said Mwamadi.


The second phase of the project is expected to roll out in 2016 once the first phase of the rehabilitation works have been completed, according to Mwamadi.

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