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Little baby Fpam, don’t talk too much

There are a lot of expectations from the newly established Football Players Association of Malawi (Fpam), an umbrella body which has been formed to look into the welfare of players in the country.

The body has been affiliated to the local soccer governing body, Football Association of Malawi (Fam), with Super League of Malawi (Sulom) President,

Innocent Botomani, and Fam President, Walter Nyamilandu, as some of the trustees.

There have been a lot of frantic activities taking place within the organisation that is instilling hope in Malawi football.

The association has been registering Super League players, and they have set a deadline of March 1.

This is a good initiative considering that our players have been rendered destitute after their football careers. We have numerous examples.

But this association has promised to come up with strategies that will look after players’ welfare after their careers or in case they sustain injuries.

Looking at their strategies they sound appetising, but it doesn’t need rocket science to know that it is one thing to formulate strategies and the other to implement them.

In Malawi, there is a disease of coming up with policies but completely failing to implement them.

If our football administrators had implemented the strategies they had discussed during the 2009 Lilongwe Declaration, where policies to develop our soccer were extensively discussed and adopted by all football stakeholders, Malawi football could have developed beyond recognition.

But the sheer incompetence by some floppy leaders has been dragging Malawi football into mud. Whatever they touch with their acidic hands becomes catastrophic.

It is sad that we still have these subversive elements in the game that are resistant to change and the word shame does not exist in their vocabulary.

These are upstarts and spoilers masquerading as football administrators.

I mean, these are the people who still believe that the world is flat like a table when it was proven beyond reasonable doubt by an Italian astronomer Galileo in the 16th Century that it is round like a ball. People who behave like the church in those old days which accused Galileo twice of here say for his beliefs, only to feel ashamed centuries later.

When world football is moving forward, these upstarts want to be pulling us backwards. There is need for mindset change and support to this association though it is yet to prove its efficiency.

Both Sulom and Fam should lead by example by channelling a share of their gate collections to this association.

My word of caution to this little baby is that, it should not fall into the trap of lipservice like these other associations.

The nation is eagerly waiting for its action.

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