Livingstonia Synod cleric campaigns for Aford


Church of Central Africa Presbyterian Livingstonia Synod cleric the Reverend Maurice Munthali has urged the Northern Region to rally behind Alliance for Democracy (Aford) as the country draws close to the 2019 polls, raising speculation of his affiliation to the party.

Munthali is known for his fearless and critical prayers during public engagements.

In an interview soon after speaking at an Aford rally at Rumphi Boma on Saturday, Munthali said he was asked to grace the party.


Munthali told off parties whose strong bases are the Central and the Southern regions, saying they have used people from the North to generate wealth and resources that have developed their regions, leaving the North undeveloped.

“For a long time, people in the North have been given chickens to hatch but when they do, they [the parties] come and sweep everything to their homes leaving us with nothing.

“We have found our own hen [Aford] and we all need to belong to it until it hatches for us to benefit. We are tired of supporting parties that give us nothing at the end of the day. Aford might be small but it is the only hope for the people of the North when it comes to development,” he said.


In an interview, Munthali said he still has four years of service at the synod which he wants to see through.

“…But when I retire and I am approached to represent them as was the case in 2014, I will gladly accept,” he said.

When asked about Munthali’s presence at the rally, Aford President, Enoch Chihana, described him as the party’s friend.

“He is about to retire and he has to decide his future whether he wants to join politics or not. He was here as an observer, so if it pleases him, he might resolve to join us,” Chihana said.

In July, Munthali was in the news for a prayer he made during Independence Day Celebrations in which he expressed misgivings about the country’s unsustainable development plan, prompting Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Grace Chiumia, who was the guest of honour, to respond right at the event.

The University of Malawi’s Chancellor College-based political analyst Mustapha Hussein said it is good for people that want to join politics to expose themselves to as many party ideologies as possible through attending rallies.

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