Liwu drops ‘Broken Jenes’


Christian hip hop artist Liwu has released his latest single titled ‘Broken Jenes’.
The singer said ‘Broken Jenes’ is the first single off his upcoming EP [Extended Play].
The song is a sequel to Liwu’s previous track, ‘Pray a lot’— which was released in 2011— depicting that his jenes are now worn out to the fact that he prays a lot.
“With ‘Broken Jenes’, you will be introduced to a new exciting sound, very different from what you would expect from a Liwu song,” Liwu said.
With so many artists coming out with new songs, Liwu indicated that he is growing as an artist, and that he would like to play around with different sounds that reflect the growth of his artistry.
“In this latest song, I have featured vocals from Grace Matonga,” he said.
The song was produced, mixed and mastered by Yesaya.
With four projects under his belt, Liwu took a break from doing music to focus on getting his master’s degree, but soon resurfaced with two freestyles, titled ‘I work so hard’ and ‘3 Years Freestyle’.
Not to shy away from being bold and expressive, the artist followed up on the freestyles by dropping a song titled ‘Liwuminati.’

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