Local firms overlook market opportunities


One of the exhibitors at the 2016 Malawi International Trade Fair, Greenland Services, says most entrepreneurs in the country are failing to use market opportunities available in the country to advertise their products to prospective customers.

Greenland, which offers services in hospitality, landscaping, cleaning and floriculture, says the Trade Fair Grounds is one such platform which is not being fully utilised by local businesses.

Managing Director at Greenland, Nizia Chilenga, said traders stand to reap more benefits if they begin to use the Trade Fair Grounds to showcase their products to maximise their revenue.


“We have decided to maintain our place to showcase our products such as arts and craft department made from locally found wood and other local raw materials. We are trying to give Malawians locally made products that can make a difference in their homes. This is something which the government is also advocating for through the Buy Malawi Strategy and we are just complementing that,” said Chilenga.

She further said her company offers advice on flowers recommended for homes, offices and public places.

“Floristly is complex though it looks simple. Most Malawians are not aware of the dangers of some of the flowers. This place will give customers a chance to learn more about flowers,” she said.


Chilenga said this year’s theme of innovation should encourage entrepreneurs to come up with unique products that will be able to attract foreign investments.

“Most countries have grown because of innovative ideas by local entrepreneurs. As business people, we need to be focused and competitive and come up with good ideas for our businesses and not copy from each other,” she said.

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