Lomwe makes headway


Malawi’s former Big Brother representative and hip-hop artist Lomwe, has made headway with his latest release ‘Bad Habits’ whose video is making rounds on Channel O.

“A lot of fans have been waiting for new music from me, especially the ladies. I know they are going to love it and the production is so fresh like a DJ Mustard beat,” he said.

The video, which also features South Africa’s DJ Khathu and Nigeria’s Skek, is the second video to earn Lomwe airtime on international TV following Double Wowzahe which did with Botswana’s Zeus.


“It’s very important because it’s not easy to reach this milestone especially for Malawian artists, it shows that I am heading in the right direction and it is an inspiration for young Malawians watching TV to see one of their own,” said Lomwe in an e-mail Sunday.

In the video, Nigeria’s Skek raps about the Malawian artist: “LO, the new LL Cool J, haters wanna hate but it’s way too late.” Lomwe explains: “Skek likens me to LL Cool J because of my personality and direction of most of my new music.”

The artist said viewers should not get confused with the “badness” of the song.


“A chick being a bad habit means there is something about her that you are addicted to, it can go both ways, everyone has a bad habit,” he said.

Lomwe’s time in Big Brother Africa House gave him the platform to explore his talent and he has not looked back since then.

The hip-hop artist said his stay in South Africa has led to the growth of his career.

“It’s the best thing for me to do right now in order to make a step forward and connect with the rest of the world,” he said.

Lomwe said South Africa is one of the biggest entertainment industries in Africa after Nigeria.

“The Malawi entertainment industry does not have enough tools at its disposal for an entertainer unless if you have sponsorship which is not easy to come by,” he said.

As part of his brand extension, he released a collaboration album Double Wowza with Zeus, the hip-hop artist from Botswana he met in Big Brother House and together performed in Malawi few months later.

The title track was received with great reviews by fans all over Africa and has been downloaded countless times. Although Lomwe made his name after his time in Big Brother House, he came in the limelight with his mixtape Rumours of War, aiming shots at some of hip-hop artists in Malawi.

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