Lonje in new project

LONJE—God blessed us with all spiritual blessings

Gospel musician Lonjezo Daudi better known as Lonje in the musical circles has released a new single titled ‘Supernatural’.

The single is part of his forthcoming album titled Blessed.

The reggae track ‘Supernatural’ talks about God’s power.


“The idea behind the song is that whatever we are going to do or achieve this year and beyond, it will be by the supernatural works of God, not by our power or might.

The Blantyre-based artist said he is looking forward to giving out more this year.

The track ‘Supernatural was produced by Limbani Chibwana at CL Touch while the music video was shot and directed by Baraka Lwinga of BRK shots.


On the new album, Lonje said Blessed will be out later this year and that the release of ‘Supernatural’ is a testimony that the project is in progress.

He said the album Blessed has been inspired by the book of Ephesians 1 verse 3.

“As Christians, God blessed us with all spiritual blessings. The whole album revolves around this message,” he said.

The artist came to the limelight in 2011 when he released ‘Adakalipobe’.

Meanwhile, the artist has said people can accessed his music through different online platforms including,, sportify, iTunes, Deezer, Amazon music and YouTube channel called lonjezodaudi.

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